Returns and Refunds

Irene Vitali Store provides a return service in some cases and subject to certain conditions. The goods can be returned in those cases if: it does not correspond to the description declared on the site; at detection of defects, etc.
Return only accepted unused, new products in their original packaging. Goods with torn labels or other defects, such as stains, cuts or holes on clothing, etc., are not accepted. Goods sent in violation of the rules and deadlines are not accepted.The goods supplied in the kit must also be returned in the kit. The cost of delivery is not refundable upon refund.

If the goods are delivered with damage, unfortunately, we will not be able to return the money. In this case, claim to present a courier company that damaged the goods during the delivery process.

The period of return of the goods of the correct quality is 10 (ten) days from the receipt of the goods. The method of refund is the same as the method of payment. Return of funds for the goods is carried out within 30 calendar days.

In the event that at the time of the return of goods your card has terminated (lost, expired, returned to the bank), we can return the funds to your card, or to the bank account upon application. This should be reported in advance, the refund is made in semi-manual mode, which increases the period of refund. Possible costs in the process of refunds are made at the expense of the buyer.

Return of goods of a satisfactory quality is possible in the event that its presentation, consumer properties, as well as documents confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of the goods are preserved.

To complete the refund please fill out the form and send to
The goods can be sent back by mail to the address:

MD-2068, CHISINAU, str. N. DIMO 1/1-188 "LIPOTEX" SRL



We are interested in creating a quality service for our customers. Therefore, in case of disputes, we strive for a peaceful and voluntary settlement of it.
A letter with a detailed statement should be sent to:
The received claim will be considered within 30 calendar days.
If the agreement is not reached voluntarily, the dispute will be referred to the judicial body in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
To this Access Policy and the relationship between the User and the Site Administration of the Annex, the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova

Payment and Delivery Information


You can pay online using PayPal with Visa and / or MasterCard. After making an order, you will be redirected to the page of the secure payment system of PayPal, where you will  complete the payment. PayPal ensures the security of payments and personal data protection.

After successful payment, you will receive an e-mail with all the information about your order



We are pleased to offer you several types of delivery- by post or courier*. The difference is in speed and cost. In the case of courier delivery, we can deliver your order "to the door". In case of delivery by post, the items will arrive to your nearest post office. The exact cost of shipping to your country will be calculated on the purchase registration page, after filling all needed information. This page provides general information and an approximate cost. When making a purchase, please specify the index, address and name of the recipient in Latin letters.

* at the moment courier service is available in Chisinau only. We are working on improving the service.


By post - from 3 $

Courier service - up to 5 $

 When ordering from $ 150 free shipping!

The shipping cost depends on your location.

By post - from 10$

Courier service - up to $ 15

  When ordering from $ 150 delivery price reduced!


Mail - up to $ 15

Courier service EMS- up to $ 30

          When ordering from $ 150 delivery price reduced!

Delivery terms:

Delivery by post - up to 30 calendar days

Courier delivery - from 5 to 10 calendar days (depending on the destination)

          The delivery time depends on the availability of the goods, as well as on the method of delivery chosen by you.


 The brand IRENE VITALI is becoming popular
in many countries around the world. We are open to cooperation and any suggestions for promoting our brand. We are glad to partners who have the goal of opening physical stores in different cities/countries on a franchise basis.


Our cooperation and partnership relations are compulsorily formalized through the signing of a franchise agreement. The franchise agreement describes all conditions for the transfer of business and information, as well as details of payment for services and commission to the franchisor. To become a part of our team and to be able to sell brand IRENE VITALI, you need the availability or the possibility of selecting a commercial space, an area suitable for creating a brand store, as well as fulfill the rest terms and conditions of agreement.


The franchise buyer needs to have the appropriate seed capital, fulfill the general terms of the franchise agreement in the field of assortment and advertising policy of the brand, and also comply with the company's corporate policy and corporate identity.


If your primary goal is to profit from the sale of original clothes in your own brand store, our franchise is the best solution for you. For those private entrepreneurs who want to work in the sale of unique and high-quality clothing, there is no better way combining profitability, reliability and guarantees of successful business development. Contact us, and we will discuss all the niceties and nuances of creating a franchise of the brand IRENE VITALI, as well as the opportunity and terms of cooperation.


For any questions you can contact us:


 Irene Vitali Store  respects all the rights of customers and visitors to the site.  We undertake to store all personal information received from our clients in strict confidentiality, under no circumstances to transfer it to third parties. We need your information solely to process your order, complete your purchase and delivery. All the personal data that you provided on our site is stored on a secure web server and in our internal system. By using the services of our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy.


We made every effort to display the products in their original colors. However, as each screen can have different settings, it is possible to see colors slightly different from the original. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that what you see on your screen is the exact color of the product.


Before placing the order, please check our size chart to be sure what your size is.


High quality is one of the main directions of the brand policy . We use only high-quality materials, unique concepts in clothes production. Our team confirms that all the items made under  brand IRENE VITALI are made of natural, environmentally friendly, harmless materials.

 Individual approach to each client also forms the basis of our brand policy. We respect the preferences of each client and do our best to make your shopping more pleasure: convenient order forms, well-established feedback. 


 Uniqueness is an important point in our brand policy. Our team confirms that every clothes under the brand Irene Vitali is a unique project. Every product is an original unit, made according to the sketches of our designers.


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