IreneVitaliStore team is open to cooperation and any suggestions for promoting our brand. We are glad to partners who have the goal of opening physical stores in different cities/countries on a franchise basis.

 Our cooperation and partnership relations are compulsorily formalized through the signing of a franchise agreement. The franchise agreement describes all conditions for the transfer of business and information, as well as details of payment for services and commission to the franchisor. To become a part of our big team and to be able to sell our brand IreneVitali, you need the availability or the possibility of selecting a commercial space, an area suitable for creating a brand store, as well as fulfill the rest terms and conditions of agreement.

The franchise buyer needs to have the appropriate seed capital, fulfill the general terms of the franchise agreement in the field of assortment and advertising policy of the brand, and also comply with the company's corporate policy and corporate identity.

 If your primary goal is to profit from the sale of original clothes in your own brand store, our franchise is the best solution for you. For those private entrepreneurs who want to work in the sale of unique and high-quality clothing, there is no better way combining profitability, reliability and guarantees of successful business development. Contact us, and we will discuss all the niceties and nuances of creating a franchise of the brand IreneVitali, as well as the opportunity and terms of cooperation.


For any questions you can contact us: support@irenevitali.com