Why Soap Brows Blows Up Instagram

What is Soap Brows and why are they so popular? We are exploring a new obsession with beauty-obsessed people.

Thin eyebrows with a high rounded bend dominated the 90s and zero. In the 2010s, Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Emilia Clark changed the trend: thick, lush eyebrows came into fashion. Those who plucked their own in previous decades began to restore their natural forms. And here is a new term, a new fashion - “soap eyebrows” are found in all makeup lessons and Instagram posts. But what does this really mean? Some use this phrase to describe the appearance of eyebrows, but “soap eyebrows” actually describe a grooming method. And this is exactly what you thought: when soap is used instead of eyebrow gel. No matter how strange it may sound, many make-up artists prefer it because of its strong fixation, simplicity and accessibility. For example, the Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg tells Allure that fixing eyebrows with soap has always been a common thing among makeup artists, but the social media boom has made it mainstream. “Now that the fluffy eyebrows are trending, soap is the easiest way to give your eyebrows a decent look, especially if your eyebrows are naturally thin.” Eyebrow master Robin Evans believes that the surge in fashion on Soap Brows happened thanks to the advice of makeup artist Rihanna Priscilla Ono, who became viral. As for technology, with “soapy eyebrows” do not need a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to moisten a clean fusiform brush (this is often found on the back of eyebrow pencils). Moreover, Evans advises not to use water, but a haze spray for fixing makeup - this will additionally fix the eyebrows. With a brush, you need to comb the eyebrows up, and then fix them with soap, applying it in thin layers.

Those with rare or thin eyebrows may need to add a little color to make them look fuller. - Robin says, but clarifies that the more transparent the makeup, the better.

Thin and medium thick hairs are better suited to "soap grooming." If you dye your eyebrows with permanent dye or henna, the result will be even brighter. “The eyebrows at the tips are a little lighter,” says the makeup artist, “so if they are colored, they stand out better.” The moral of this fable: almost everyone can try on soap brows, but the longevity and intensity of the image can depend on the natural situation with the eyebrows. Not all soap is suitable for eyebrow care. The most important factor to consider is glycerin. Due to the relatively low pH of glycerin soap, the risk of skin irritation tends to zero. Linda Halberg advises a transparent soap - for example, Muji Bath: it will not leave a whitish coating on the hairs. Most glycerol-based products are transparent. There are special soaps designed for eyebrows - for example, West Barn Co. Why not just use a regular eyebrow gel? Hallberg says that most gels simply do not have the desired effect and long-term fixation, and anyone with eyebrow problems is likely to agree with this. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King explains: “Hair gels are water-based. When people sweat, fixation weakens. ” Solid soap works better than liquid soap. But, of course, like everything that reduces time and effort, the method has its drawbacks. Hallberg notes that complexion and soap are not the best combination. "If you use a tonal base, especially around the eyebrows, then when the soap gets on your skin, you get a strange look," she says. In addition, King warns that soap can get into your eyes if your forehead perspires, or if there are drops of water on your face. In addition, the constant use of soap on eyebrows can cause irritation due to the high pH level. “This is one of those tricks that you can use occasionally, rather than constantly,” says King.

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